Friday, 1 November 2013

Diesel Forklifts Vs. LPG Forklifts – Know the Difference

Forklifts are probably among the busiest equipment in any manufacturing plant, warehouse, or any other location that demands loading and unloading heavy objects, as well as stacking huge quantities one on top of another. If you are experienced when it comes to forklifts, then you must already know what type of forklifts you would be getting for your business. But how about if it would be the first time that you would be purchasing a forklift? What will you do? How will you know which one?

There are two popular types of forklifts at the moment. Take a look at them.

Diesel Forklifts

Diesel forklifts are often the primary choice whenever the area where the forklift is needed is outdoors. Since fuel is used to run these forklifts, you can expect a lot of exhaust fumes, which would be dangerous to personnel whenever contained in an enclosed space. These forklifts today however can incorporate purifiers that will help lessen the fumes and reduce emissions. Some companies use these forklifts for indoor use but only occasionally.

One thing that makes these forklifts most sought for is their fuel efficiency. They also have higher torques, which makes them more usable and efficient when used on gradients. They can also tow items powerfully compared to other types.

Forklift operators like the diesel type since it provides them with good lift speeds. The acceleration is likewise excellent. Maintenance for this type is also less expensive compared to other forklifts, yet at the same time, they have a much longer life. You can expect this forklift to serve your business for many years. And when the time comes when you would like to avail its residual value, you can peg it at a higher price too. 

LPG Forklifts

LPG forklifts are also popular today. These forklifts are run using liquefied petroleum gas, which often includes a mixture of chemicals. Some of these chemicals are butane and propane.

Forklifts fueled by LPG are non-toxic and non-corrosive. They burn in a clean manner and you can see virtually no soot of any kind. The sulfur emissions are low, which makes it somewhat safer even when used indoors. It has a high octane rating and has a lower pressure.

In terms of price, these are cheaper since the tax paid is also lesser for these. The time that you would be spending in refueling this is really fast, so if your operations demand speed and precision, and you cannot afford to waste a lot of time refueling, then this will be ideal.

There are actually other available types of forklifts out there but so far, LPG and diesel are the most popular. These forklifts have been time-tested and have been proven as useful by so many businesses today.

Aside from forklifts, other important equipment that you may use is a pallet jack. This is also helpful especially if you require a quick and speedy operation, where you need things to be moved and “unmoved.” Once you have these equipment, you can be sure of smoother business operations.

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