Thursday, 19 September 2013

Why Large Scale Businesses Make Use of Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks are considered as among the most important equipment in large-scale businesses. The primary purpose of this equipment is to move and to lift pallets. These have the ability to carry heavy loads which is not possible for humans to do. With hundreds, even thousands of products being manufactured on a daily basis, and with warehouses stacking, piling, and moving such products every time, these equipment will be very pretty handy.

Large scale businesses often utilize several floors of space. Some companies would need two or three floors in order to complete the manufacturing cycle of their products. Most of the time, these products will be transferred from one location to another since one part of the manufacturing process is found in one storey, and another integral part of the whole process is found in a separate storey.

Now this situation may be simpler if the process starts from the ground floor up to the second. You can make use of forklifts to carry the load from the ground floor, bring it towards a service elevator, which will lift it up to the second floor. But what if from the second floor, the process would have to go up to the third? What if you need to bring 500 kg of load from the northern wing of the building to the southern wing, which would cover a distance of 100 meters? For sure, you can’t use a forklift to do this in the second floor.

What you can actually use to make this task possible are pallet jacks. By using these, you would be able to transport heavy loads from one location to another within the same storey. In fact, if you need to bring products to another storey, as long as you got a service elevator in that floor, you will be able to do this with ease.

There are various types of these that are available. You can find a manual pallet jack, a powered pallet jack and an electric pallet jack. There are those that can carry up to 1.5 tons, 2.5 tons and even up to 3.5 tons. You can look for cheap pallet jacks that will fit your budget. Better yet, one cost-saving measure is to make a rough estimation of the probable maximum weight of the loads that you would be transporting within your business premises. From this estimate, you may now be able to look for the right cheap pallet jacks that will have the capacity to carry the weight that you need without overdoing it.

Say, you only need a jack that can lift 2 tons of weight. So what you can do is to look for those that have the capacity of up to 2.5 tons. Why go for the 3.5 tonner when you won’t be carrying that much weight, right? Added to that, the one with the higher capacity would also be more expensive compared to the one with a lower capacity. So choose the one that meets your needs, and you will be fine.

Smoothen Business Operations with Forklifts and Stackers

In every manufacturing or industrial business, there are simply things that could not be handled by the use of sheer human strength alone. You may ask three or even four personnel to do a certain task, but they can only carry up to a certain weight even with concerted effort. So what do you do?

Make Use of Forklifts

Whoever invented forklifts is an angel. These babies in a manufacturing business are comparable to oil in an engine. It makes business operations a lot smoother and it also minimizes issues on breakages and inventory. With new forklifts, things are simply made easier in the operations of large scale manufacturing businesses.

Forklifts are easy to operate and to maneuver. Even though there may be rows and rows of materials that are stacked up to several feet high, you will find no difficulty in navigating through them. Forklifts generally have very good torques and you can turn the rear steering for a full 90 degrees. You may be wondering why it is the “rear” steering that does the turning.

Well, forklifts don’t have a front steering just like ordinary cars have. Their design is made this way in order for forklift operators to have the ability to steer it with ease even in tight spaces. This mechanism also allows operators to position the mast properly to ensure that the forklifts are able to carry the pallets in a well-balanced manner. This then minimizes the risk of pallets falling off the mast or any other similar incidents.

If you are new at using forklifts, it is best to seek the help of licensed forklift operators in order to ensure that your business personnel will be equipped at using such equipment. Of course, whoever would be operating the forklift needs to secure a license to do so. Remember that forklift operation is different from driving a car and you would need practice and a clear understanding of its mechanisms in order to be effective at it.

Don’t Forget the Stackers

Aside from getting new forklifts, another equipment that you need to have to ensure a much smoother operation is pallet stackers. From the name itself, you can gather that this is used to stack the pallets, where raw materials, manufactured goods and other end products are usually placed and stacked, one on top of another. You should have a steady supply of pallets in the work area in order to make sure that business processes go uninterrupted.

Just like forklifts, pallet stackers are also indispensable items that you need to have. They work hand in hand with forklifts in ensuring that your business will meet its objectives by properly handling raw materials and finished products.

The manufacturing industry is one of the busiest industries. Any interruption in the operations can cause substantial losses to the business. This is why it is incumbent upon every business owner to provide his business with the right kind of equipment that it truly needs, just like forklifts and stackers.

Getting the Right Equipment Can Help Boost Business

Different types of businesses require diverse equipment. One particular machine may only work for a specific type of industry while another may work well with various kinds of businesses. But no matter what industry you are in, the important thing that you have to consider is getting the right equipment that will suit the kind of work that you need.

If your business necessitates the lifting and stacking of heavy loads, then you would surely need something, other than manual labor to do it. Yes, you may think that your employees can also work hand in hand and carry heavy boxes and the like, but have you considered the maximum weight that two individuals can carry? Have you also thought of the risk that it will involve if your people will use their bare hands to move your products from one place to another? The margin of error is surely high. The moment that their actions are not coordinated and they trip or fell, you run the risk of wasting perfectly good products, which could have satisfied one of your most avid customers.

So what can you do?

Use only the best equipment that is made to carry heavy loads. If most of your business operations are done outdoors, and you normally stack products or raw materials on top of one another, then a forklift should be a part of your daily operations.

Forklifts can carry between one to five tons. The capacity of the forklift that you should opt for will depend on the maximum load that you need to move from one point of your business premises to another area. Most of the time, companies would go for those that can carry heavier loads in order to give it more flexibility, and of course, it also means savings. If they buy one that can only handle a light load, they would be compelled to secure another one that has a higher capacity. So it is really better to buy one that can be used both for light and heavy loads.

On the other hand, if your business involves the transfer of loads indoors, then you can opt for pallet jacks Sydney. These are smaller versions of forklifts minus your ability to drive it. Pallet jacks Sydney come in various shapes, forms and sizes and there will always be one that will fit your business.

If you are still at the beginning months of operation, you can secure used pallet jacks to offset the cost of your initial capital outlay. Yes, the life of used pallet jacks may be shorter compared to brand new ones, but these can support your business at the start and get you going. Once you have realized a certain degree of profit, you can resell the pallet jacks for their resale or salvage value, depending on what’s left and buy your business some brand new ones.

So in order to give your business that great boost, make sure that you get the proper equipment from the very start. It is among the known ways to ensure that your business is in the right track.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Options for the Right and Affordable Forklift Purchase

In the industrial industry where material handling and item distribution are apparent, it is safe to say that mechanical equipment is a part of the equation that cannot be amiss. The industry requires a high level of efficiency and productivity which obviously cannot be sufficed by physical effort alone. Not only will that compromise the throughput, it will also put the workers at risk. One particular example of equipment that is an integral part of any material handling operations is the forklift. Obviously, these things make it easier for the employees to maneuver their way around the warehouse setting and carry and move heavy items with utmost ease and safety.

Obviously, you would need not one, but many of these forklifts. This leads to the most important consideration when buying out your material handling equipment; making sure your purchase goes with your budget. Fortunately, affordable forklifts are available today and they do not even compromise with the quality that is required for any professional material handling operations. Naturally, you would think that there can be no possible way to find good quality machinery in cheap prices but many manufacturers make it quite attainable. That said, it is your priority to get the most savings as you can by buying cheap forklifts so that your operation costs does not mount up to unmanageable levels.

There are three choices in getting your forklift; buying new, buying used and hiring the equipment. Obviously, the first one is not the way to save up money. Buying new forklifts is a better choice for those who have a lot of budget to invest in their equipment. Since you are looking to find cheap forklifts, the more sensible choice for you is either to buy a used forklift or rent the new ones out.

In buying an old forklift, you should be aware that there is a chance for you to get ones that are not kept in prime working condition. On the bright side, manufacturers see to it that they maintain their used equipment at all costs so that their buyers can make full use of these items just as they would with new ones. On the other hand, renting forklifts is the much safer option for quality. Since these forklifts are used by different clients from time to time, they are constantly maintained by the distributors. It is easily the best way to make use of even the most expensive brands. The downside is that you will not have ownership of the equipment. You can only make use of them for a limited amount of time. This makes it the best equipment solution for operations that need the forklift trucks for a limited time only.
These forklift trucks definitely make your material handling operations more manageable.It makes the responsibilities therein much easier, not to mention safer for your workers. See to it that you weigh your options well and you will definitely find your needed equipment with the quality and affordable price you need.

How to Find Your Material Handling Equipment: Forklifts and Pallet Stackers

When running a material handling operation, it is imperative that you equip your setup with all the intricate equipment needed. Obviously, there is a lot of physically demanding work for your employees to do inside your warehouse or material distribution setting and they cannot go about them with their bare hands. Apart from the fact that this will cost the efficiency of the operations, it also compromises the safety of your people. So, this makes it your responsibility to not just buy the equipment, but also see to it that they are in pristine working condition, promoting the improved efficiency and safety that your establishment requires.

Now, while there is a lot of equipment to go over, there are two particular things that will probably be the first ones to put in priority; forklifts and the alternative,pallet stackers. These two basically embody the essence of material handling and distribution. Using these, warehouses, supermarkets and all other outlets that involve the material distribution storage are able to do their bidding effectively. Quantities of items, varying in size, are carried from one point to anotherwith utter ease. Sure enough, for these types of equipment, you would want nothing short of the highest quality. After all, the efficiency of your operations is what hangs in the balance. Here is what you need to know about purchasing each of these of machinery.


In getting your forklifts, you have the option of renting them, or buying either used or new forklifts. With these three options available, you might find it somewhat confusing as to what will be the best choice for you. The truth is that for all three options, there are corresponding pros and cons. When you rent out forklifts, you will have the advantage of using even the most expensive forklifts for a fraction of their actual price in the market. There is no problem when it comes to the quality of the equipment as well. Meanwhile, buying used forklifts is definitely a good way to save up too. The problem is that there might be some issues with the longevity of the equipment. Lastly, in buying new forklifts, the quality is definitely at the highest you can look for. The problem is that it can be quite expensive.

Pallet Stackers

These are basically the alternative choice for forklifts. When buying them, you should be aware that there are four types available. These are the low end, manual lift, electric lift and high end stackers. In order to make the right choice, you should understand what requirements you have for your warehousing and item distribution operations. Mainly, you need to think about what type of materials your business is involved with. This way, you can find out which pallet stacker will serve appropriately for your needs.
Clearly, the equipment plays a major part in your material handling operations. You get to enjoy a safer and more efficient workplace. Using the details above, you can surely find the right pallet stacker and forklift.