Thursday, 19 September 2013

Why Large Scale Businesses Make Use of Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks are considered as among the most important equipment in large-scale businesses. The primary purpose of this equipment is to move and to lift pallets. These have the ability to carry heavy loads which is not possible for humans to do. With hundreds, even thousands of products being manufactured on a daily basis, and with warehouses stacking, piling, and moving such products every time, these equipment will be very pretty handy.

Large scale businesses often utilize several floors of space. Some companies would need two or three floors in order to complete the manufacturing cycle of their products. Most of the time, these products will be transferred from one location to another since one part of the manufacturing process is found in one storey, and another integral part of the whole process is found in a separate storey.

Now this situation may be simpler if the process starts from the ground floor up to the second. You can make use of forklifts to carry the load from the ground floor, bring it towards a service elevator, which will lift it up to the second floor. But what if from the second floor, the process would have to go up to the third? What if you need to bring 500 kg of load from the northern wing of the building to the southern wing, which would cover a distance of 100 meters? For sure, you can’t use a forklift to do this in the second floor.

What you can actually use to make this task possible are pallet jacks. By using these, you would be able to transport heavy loads from one location to another within the same storey. In fact, if you need to bring products to another storey, as long as you got a service elevator in that floor, you will be able to do this with ease.

There are various types of these that are available. You can find a manual pallet jack, a powered pallet jack and an electric pallet jack. There are those that can carry up to 1.5 tons, 2.5 tons and even up to 3.5 tons. You can look for cheap pallet jacks that will fit your budget. Better yet, one cost-saving measure is to make a rough estimation of the probable maximum weight of the loads that you would be transporting within your business premises. From this estimate, you may now be able to look for the right cheap pallet jacks that will have the capacity to carry the weight that you need without overdoing it.

Say, you only need a jack that can lift 2 tons of weight. So what you can do is to look for those that have the capacity of up to 2.5 tons. Why go for the 3.5 tonner when you won’t be carrying that much weight, right? Added to that, the one with the higher capacity would also be more expensive compared to the one with a lower capacity. So choose the one that meets your needs, and you will be fine.

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