Sunday, 21 July 2013

Find the Best Pallet Jacks that Work for Your Advantage

A pallet jack is industrial equipment for material handling processes. It can also be referred to as a pump truck, pallet pump pallet truck or simply, jigger. Regardless of what it is called though, the purpose is the same; to lift and move pallets within an industrial facility.

These are highly essential for the operations of a warehousing or material distribution center. This is why it is vital to get the best quality pallet jacks. Still, associated with buying the equipment is the goal to save as much as possible. Hence, the good quality but cheap pallet jacks are the prospect for every operations manager of an industrial facility. Fortunately, manufacturers have always been eager to provide high quality pallet jacks with competitive prices. Particularly in Sydney, there are several trustworthy sources that provide exactly what the warehousing facilities in the area require. The pallet jacks Sydney are practically some of the most reliable pallet jacks in the market place today. With all the available options though, one might find it somewhat of a hard task to choose what pallet jacks to buy.

With the wide range of choices, there are also more than one means of determining which ones to buy. In choosing the brand, it is probably best to go with the most prominent ones since they are undoubtedly more able to provide the pallet jacks with the most quality. It might not be expected though that they will have cheap pallet jacks. Still, they are bound to have reasonable offers that will cater to one’s needs. Regardless of the pricing however, the recognized brands are identified with outstanding pallet jacks, ones that have durable and lasting components.  These are specifically designed to perform well on industrial mechanical processes.

Now, when one puts the brand out of the way, they can simply consider what type of pallet jacks can serve well for their operations. For that, here are some of the commonly used pallet jacks Sydney has.

•    Low height pallet jacks (CHEP pallets) – these have the unique capability of shifting low pallets or other loads even with restricted ground clearance. They make for a faster and easier movement.

•     Stainless and galvanized pallet jacks – the main asset of this type is that it is specifically meant to endure the most compromising environments. It is built with reliable endurance from wear and tear even when exposed to corrosive elements.

•    Powered pallet trucks – these are the most ideal pallet jacks for operations that involved lifting heavy loads and moving them to considerable distances.   Large warehouse facilities will definitely have a great advantage with these pallet jacks.

•    AC pallet jacks – are made with features that promote more maneuverability and easy steering. These are designed to suffice day-to-day operations and make them more manageable.

Since pallet jacks are very important tools in industrial management operations, it is important to make a well-informed decision when buying them. The details given above will definitely make it easier to find the best pallet jacks in Sydney.

Tips in Buying New Forklift

Those who are involved in the industrial sector, primarily on the material handling processes inside a warehousing facility, are bound to know the essence of forklifts in their day to day activities. There are a lot of details that need to be considered and a newbie may be quite confused as to how they should come to the right conclusion in their equipment purchase. The brands, manufacturers and the variety of forklifts even; all of these can be weighed down accurately in order to make the best choice. Here are the actual specifics on where to focus one’s attention when trying to find good quality forklifts in Sydney.

Seeking out new forklifts, it makes great sense to look for ones that are particularly capable of the demands of where they would use the equipment. The correct term for this would be the forklift’s capacity, indicating the amount of work that it can handle in all its full potential. Simply put, this relates to the weight that it can carry. Conveniently, this is something that can be checked without much effort since it is virtually indicated right at the data plate of the unit. It should also be put in one’s mind that the capacity is directly affected when an attachment is applied to the unit. Naturally, the pricing is correlated to the capacity, whereas, the higher its capacity for lifting, the more expensive it will be. In any case, making sure that the new forklifts can fully suffice for the needs of one’s operation is the idea of checking its capacity. This effectively makes the application of the equipment, the second aspect to look at. Doing so will be easier to estimate the capacity required of the forklifts.

Along with the capacity of the forklift, one should also look at the size of the equipment they are buying. Mainly, the important feature is the height – lift and collapse. Lift height refers to the extent at which the forks can be raised while the collapsed height is the tallest point of unit, excluding its lifting reach. This is important to determine since not appropriating the purchase with the space and height restrictions of the facility will definitely hinder the entire operations. With the right size, the forklifts can be used to make the operations a lot smoother and more efficient.

Meanwhile, Sydney forklifts can be associated with some attachments. This is another important aspect to consider in buying forklifts. There are many varieties such as marble clamps, drum handlers, and battery retrievals among many others. If the buyer can determine which ones can work at their best interest, they are bound to have forklifts that are tailor-suited to their exact needs.

There are several other determining factors in choosing the right Sydney forklifts in the market. Some of which are the tire & fuel options as well as the maintenance service & warranty. Putting these particulars forward when buying forklifts, one can ensure an improved setup within their material handling facility.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Finding Pallet Stackers Within Your Budget

When it comes to lift trucks, pallet stackers are considered to be the most common kind. That being the case, it is no surprise that warehouses and factories, especially those that deal with large merchandise, typically have a few pallet stackers on hand.

As with anything else, finding a supplier for your pallet stacker can be easily done by going through your local yellow pages, or by browsing through online directories. In some instances, you can even ask partner companies and other suppliers if they have anyone in mind that they can recommend.

Not many people may know it but pallet stackers can actually come in a number of different forms, the most common of which is the manual pallet stacker. A manual pallet stacker typically makes use of manual hydraulic pump action. On the other hand, a semi electric pallet stacker is typically manually pushed around but makes use of an electric motor in order to lift the load. This is quite similar to the fully electric pallet stacker. The only difference is that in the latter, the electric motor is used both to move the pallet stacker around as well as to lift the load. Another kind of pallet stacker is the ride-on pallet stacker, which comes with a platform where the operator can stand on. If the new pallet jacks also come with a cab where the operator can sit in in order to drive the pallet stacker around, the said unit is called a ride-in pallet stacker.

Knowledge of the different kinds of pallet stackers can be of big help if you are planning to buy new pallet jacks.The kind of pallet jack that you would be going for, however, would depend on how big your facilities are and how heave the load that you need to work on. You have to keep in mind that pallet jacks are typically used only for loads that are about 2000 kilograms.

As with anything else, you have to make sure that you consider three to four brands first before making any purchase. When making the comparison you would need to make would involve the lift capacity, the lift height, and the restrictions on the height when it comes to your facilities. You would also need to consider whether you should be getting a new one or if you can just settle for one that is refurbished or used. Generally, if the stacker would be used for just a few days to about a week, refurbished pallet jacks is the better option, as they can be quite affordable. The only downside is that you cannot load too many items, as the parts might not be as sturdy as before.

In some cases, you might also be offered the option of going for a lease, contract hire, or an outright purchase of the pallet stacker. Of course, you have to consider if you would need the pallet stacker for a long time or if it is something that you would need on a seasonal basis. Keep in mind that not all of the options come with maintenance and upkeep of the pallet stacker.

Safety Tips When Using Pallet jacks

If you are working in a warehouse or a factory, then you would probably be familiar with a pallet jack. A pallet jack is considered to be one of the major tools that make work within a warehouse or factory proceed smoothly and efficiently. Truck drivers who need to load and unload heavy materials on and off their vehicles commonly use pallet jacks. These machines could either be manually operated or could make use of a hydraulic system in order to lift and lay down the materials that they are carrying.

Regardless whether you have used pallet jacks or new ones, you have to keep in mind that operating one without proper training could be quite dangerous. This is because a pallet jack is typically made of steel, which can be of considerable weight. That being the case, any wrong move could cause considerable injury. The risk becomes double in the case of used pallet jacks since they would most probably have parts that are no longer as durable as before. Imagine getting crushed but hundreds of kilograms of load! Now, in order to keep this from happening, you have to make sure that you adhere to the load limit set by the manufacturer when you are using pallet jacks. Aside from this, you also have to make sure that you are authorized to operate it before you take the controls. You also have to make sure that you have a spotter with you when you operate a pallet jack.

Now, in case you would be using a manual pallet jack, you have to make sure that the fork you would be using is the correct size for the jack that you would be using. You have to be very particular with this especially if you would be using cheap forklifts as they typically come with mismatched pallet and fork. In cases like these, there is a risk of the load becoming uneven, which could, eventually, lead to the load slipping or the whole pallet tipping over. As with any kind of cheap forklifts, you have to make sure that your load should not exceed the load limit so as not to cause the vehicle to tip over while moving. Of course, this would also mean that you also have to make sure that you maintain a constant speed.

When it comes to electric cheap forklifts, you would need to undergo hands-on training before you can actually operate it. This is to ensure that you would really be able to manage your way around one safely and efficiently. In most cases, electric pallet jacks are used when there is a need to go through narrow alleyways as well as inclined planes. If the electric pallet jack is to be used in transporting cars and other vehicles, a block should be set up in order to ensure that the load does not move while all the other units are being loaded. Pallet jacks would also need to be ahead of the operator when being loaded in an elevator.