Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Finding Pallet Stackers Within Your Budget

When it comes to lift trucks, pallet stackers are considered to be the most common kind. That being the case, it is no surprise that warehouses and factories, especially those that deal with large merchandise, typically have a few pallet stackers on hand.

As with anything else, finding a supplier for your pallet stacker can be easily done by going through your local yellow pages, or by browsing through online directories. In some instances, you can even ask partner companies and other suppliers if they have anyone in mind that they can recommend.

Not many people may know it but pallet stackers can actually come in a number of different forms, the most common of which is the manual pallet stacker. A manual pallet stacker typically makes use of manual hydraulic pump action. On the other hand, a semi electric pallet stacker is typically manually pushed around but makes use of an electric motor in order to lift the load. This is quite similar to the fully electric pallet stacker. The only difference is that in the latter, the electric motor is used both to move the pallet stacker around as well as to lift the load. Another kind of pallet stacker is the ride-on pallet stacker, which comes with a platform where the operator can stand on. If the new pallet jacks also come with a cab where the operator can sit in in order to drive the pallet stacker around, the said unit is called a ride-in pallet stacker.

Knowledge of the different kinds of pallet stackers can be of big help if you are planning to buy new pallet jacks.The kind of pallet jack that you would be going for, however, would depend on how big your facilities are and how heave the load that you need to work on. You have to keep in mind that pallet jacks are typically used only for loads that are about 2000 kilograms.

As with anything else, you have to make sure that you consider three to four brands first before making any purchase. When making the comparison you would need to make would involve the lift capacity, the lift height, and the restrictions on the height when it comes to your facilities. You would also need to consider whether you should be getting a new one or if you can just settle for one that is refurbished or used. Generally, if the stacker would be used for just a few days to about a week, refurbished pallet jacks is the better option, as they can be quite affordable. The only downside is that you cannot load too many items, as the parts might not be as sturdy as before.

In some cases, you might also be offered the option of going for a lease, contract hire, or an outright purchase of the pallet stacker. Of course, you have to consider if you would need the pallet stacker for a long time or if it is something that you would need on a seasonal basis. Keep in mind that not all of the options come with maintenance and upkeep of the pallet stacker.

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